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Caring & Confidential Registered Hypnotherapy


The first step for most people is a confidential, no obligation chat in person or on the telephone. Here we will discuss your individual situation and decide between us what course of action can be taken.

The number of sessions required will vary depending on what is being treated. For example, stopping smoking may be done in one or two sessions of around one and a half hours, weight loss may require two or three one hour sessions, where more deep rooted problems may require five or six sessions.

If you have any questions about any of the treatments listed here and how they could help you, please call on
07522 725 005 or send an email if you prefer.

• blushing
• confidence boosting
• depression
• drug addiction
• embarrassment
• emotional pain/guilt/anger
• exam nerves
• fear of flying
• insomnia
• interview nerves
• irritable bowel syndrome
• migraine
• motivation
• memory and learning

• nail and finger biting
• obsessive compulsive disorders
• panic state, panic attacks

• pain control
• phobias
• public speaking
• relationship problems
• shyness
stop smoking
• snoring
• social anxiety
• sports performance
stress and related problems
weight loss


Helping you ... to successfully treat

Anxiety & Stress.
Stop Smoking.
Weight Loss.