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What is Hypnotherapy?

HYPNOSIS today is becoming very popular all over the World as an alternative method for various problems, including smoking, weight loss, depression, stress and anxiety. Today people are more conscious of what they put in their bodies, such as the side effects of various medications. They are looking for alternatives, and hypnosis is a safe choice that can help you with most issues.


There is really nothing strange about hypnosis. It is a state of mind, which occurs quite naturally in each and every person at some time or another. We all experience hypnosis to some degree every single day of our life. Each time we become totally absorbed in our favourite book, movie, video, even just daydreaming or in many other situations. At the time you may not have realised it, because unconsciously you have entered a state of hypnosis during which time other happenings around you are not competing for your attention and you become absorbed in the thoughts and happenings of what you are concentrating on at that time. You may even be completely oblivious to what is going on around you.


Hypnosis today is usually associated with a state of complete relaxation and its use in a Clinical environment for various problems often brings outstanding and amazing results. In the relaxed state our mind can be free to accept positive thoughts and suggestions much more easily, enabling us to change our negative thoughts into positive ones. Hypnosis is a state that each person actually creates within himself or herself. Each person's experience is unique. Some people naturally respond more easily than others and with more intensity. Many will enter hypnosis in a matter of seconds, where others may take a longer. Some resistant people may have a number of reasons for resisting. This could be fear based on false expectations. Usually though, as the person gains more experience and understanding of hypnosis he/she will soon come to realise that it is just a deep state of relaxation.


One cannot be made to do anything they do not want to, and when they come to understand this, hypnosis becomes easier for them and they will soon find that each successive time they will be able to enter it more quickly and easily and as a result reap the rewards of each unique experience.